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UFO Sightings
  • UFO Sighting in Edwards, New York on November 11th 2013 - 8:30 lights and hum overpowered tv. dogs and cats fliping out . 2 v shaped ships with 3 lights each hovered next to house becky went to door opened up and steped out loud humming noise and after 20 minuts got louder and rose slowly then fast straight up

    I have been using my yard to draw geometric shapes only seen from above ( satellites could see it ). Becky was on the phone ... Read more

  • UFO Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on August 22nd 2014 - saw 2 objects flying from sw to nw no sound went behind tree only one came out got pics with cell phone

    was waiting for daughter's bus and had dog outside with me. looked up because bees were bugging me. saw 2 objects flying from ... Read more

  • UFO Sighting in Killen, Alabama on August 22nd 2014 - Star-Like, but it was not. Because it flashed disappeared and reappeared new location, then disappeared.

    I, Cory, was at Home inside the house. I walked outside to smoke a cigarette. I always look up at the stars, every night. This ... Read more

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