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UFO Sightings
  • UFO Sighting in Dayton, Indiana on September 27th 2014 - observed for over 1 hr, bright white light with red, green, and blue colors rotating around the middle of the object, it hovered up/down, traveled closer/and away

    We were sitting outside a bonfire in Dayton, Indiana. The night was clear and great for star gazing. Around 10 pm, we began ... Read more

  • UFO Sighting in Los Banos, California on September 30th 2014 - Falling fireball that changed directions and took off.

    A friend and i left his house headed to the store. While driving south i noticed what looked like a fireball falling into the ... Read more

  • UFO Sighting in Morehead City, North Carolina on September 3rd 2014 - I didn't see it my neighbor keeps seeing it

    3 weeks ago I was taking the trash can to the road for the trash truck around 6"30am. when I came back, my neighbor that lives ... Read more

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