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UFO Sightings
  • UFO Sighting in Parkdale, Victoria on July 10th 2014 - Taking dogs for walk and saw bright light moving across sky.

    After exiting the house to take dogs for a walk my wife and I were drawn to a bright yellow light and tail moving across the ... Read more

  • UFO Sighting in Salem, Ohio on July 10th 2014 - Goldish white-blue light. N-S moving fairly slow. Stop hover continue

    I was taking out our puppy at about 4:10am on 7/10/14, in Salem Ohio. I was watching a couple jets (prob commercial) fly off in ... Read more

  • UFO Sighting in Mumbai, Maharashtra on May 21st 2014 - UFO flew at a nearby distance and was visible for 20 seconds and later disappeared

    On 21st May 2014 I was photographing the night sky as I had learned night photography from a friend. So to experiment with the ... Read more

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UFOs exist, the proof is undeniable. Thousands of people make reports yearly of strange lights performing impossible maneuvers that traditional earth-bound aircraft, commercial, military, etc; could never accomplish. There is one ultimate truth that the world is afraid to accept...the reality that we are not alone in the universe, the proof is here, the proof is real, seek out the truth...Aliens the Truth.

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